Consulting Services

We have also developed a tried and tested stock take process as part of our complete inventory count service and are happy to share our learnings with clients.

Technology Enabler

We support clients that want to make use of scanners and an on-line cloud based system to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the stock take or asset verification process.

Inventory Counts

We offer a complete inventory count solution that will provide management with an independent confirmation of physical stock on hand at the stock take date.

Asset Verification

We offer asset tagging and verification services that will provide management with an independent confirmation of assets and their locations.


CountIt was conceived from a need identified by clients from other divisions of SonChime Innovations needing assistance with inventory counts.

Whilst the concept of simply counting all the inventory on hand sounds incredibly easy, our clients were frustrated by the inaccuracy of their counts and the inordinate amounts of time consumed by the counting process.

SonChime Innovation’s Managing Director partnered with an IT company in the development of an inventory counting system which uses technology to increase the accuracy of your inventory count and reduce the time and frustration.

CountIt uses the knowledge gained during the development of the inventory counting system to leverage efficiencies for our clients by providing a full range of services ranging from advisory and consulting through to a full stock take solution where our teams conduct two independent stock takes to provide peace of mind regarding the physical stock on hand.

A natural fit considering our service offering, experience and technology is the physical verification of assets.  We assist clients by physically tagging each asset with a barcode, QR code or RFID tag carrying the clients required information and recording the details into an asset register.  Furthermore we assist clients with regular asset verification utilising our independent team and barcode scanners to verify the existence and condition of assets.

We pride ourselves in supplying the correct solution and fit for all organisations from a small business all the way through to distribution warehouses and multinational organisations. We provide consulting and advisory services as well as supporting clients that prefer to use technology to make their in-house managed stock takes or asset verifications more efficient and accurate.

We ease your inventory count or asset verification issues whether you simply want advice, leverage off our knowledge of the technology or have our teams provide an independent confirmation in our end-to-end service.